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It all started on a University Campus far away, many years ago, on the 50th Anniversary of India’s Independence…
A merry band of Indian Faculty Members from The University of Western Ontario assembled together to commemorate the occasion, and to put on a cultural evening that would celebrate India and provide the wider community with a peak into the Indian traditions of their Performing Arts.
From this seminal event, a small subset of the original organizing group decided that what London needed was a regular diet of Indian culture – Arts, Classical Vocal & Instrumental Music and exposure to the breadth and depth of the multitude of Indian Dance Forms.
With those intentions in mind, an entity was born, with a ‘raison d’etre’ of providing a window into the millennia old artistic and cultural tradition of India. That entity, has since been run and managed entirely by a small core group of like minded volunteers.  That organization is...

Kala Manjari – “A Bouquet of the Arts”


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